How to place an order

In order to make a purchase of a product handcrafted in our atelier, you must know that our dresses are not available in stock, in different sizes.

You will find only sample products in our showroom (usually S size) that you can try on or reference for a custom order.

You can give us a call or send us a WhatsApp message on our number: +4071 771101, to place an order or make inquiries regarding our products.

I need a special size

Any woman who wants a Nicole Enea product should know that every item is produced from 0 to happiness, and is custom made.

The largest measure produced in our workshop is: 105 cm – bust, and 90 cm – waist.

How can I measure my body on my own?

Given that we make a dress specially created for you, and most likely we will not see each other physically, Nicole Enea will help you take your own measurement, assisting you on the video call, via WhatsApp. You only need measuring tape and tight-fitting clothing so that she can see your body clearly, for accurate measurements.

How many times do I have to visit your showroom for the dress specially designed for me?

For any products you find in our collection, just once, and don’t forget to bring a pair of heels! For a unique dress, new design, made especially for you, you must visit us twice, after placing the order.

Can the dresses featured on the website be tried on in your Showroom?

Yes, but only if you make an appointment beforehand. It is preferable to check the item’s availability with us before coming to our showroom.

Showroom Appointments (only for Bucharest): +40741771101

Can we create a unique dress together?

We can customize your dress, using all our designs. We can choose the fabrics from a model, the skirt from another, the top from another, design details from another, creating a special design just for you. If you have in mind a particular type of dress, our designer can draw it and turn your dream into reality.

What is the price range?

The medium price for our bridal dresses is 1000 euro. The medium price for occasion dresses is 300 euro. The prices may fluctuate depending on the execution time dedicated to each dress, its uniqueness, fabrics used, etc.

Time in advance for an order?

For wedding dresses, we usually take orders 4 months before the event. For occasion dresses, we usually take orders 2 months in advance. This might fluctuate depending on the number of orders already taken. It’s better to contact us and check on the estimated execution time if you have an emergency.

Worldwide delivery

We deliver worldwide any product from our site, but only after taking online – video – call measurements of your body. (Using this WhatsApp number: +40741771101)

Every product is made specially for you and we want make sure you have the most pleasant experience purchasing from us, that’s is why we take an order only after having taken your live measurements.

The delivery costs are supported by the customer.

Do you have a voucher gift?

Yes. We can customize a special voucher for you.

Send us a message via WhatsApp: +4 0741771101 or via e-mail: mentioning the name of the person you are celebrating, the message and the amount you want.

How much do I have to pay in advance for an order?

You need to pay 50% of the item value when placing an order and the remaining 50% when this is ready for pickup or delivered abroad.

I am interested in ordering a past collection product

If you are interested in a product that is not part of our current collection, you can ask us via WhatsApp at: +40741771101 or via email: if this product can be remade. Depending on fabrics stocks, some dresses can be made, even if they are part of the past years’ collections.

I plan to lose weight before the event

We have 4 months advance for wedding dresses and 2 months minimum for occasion dresses. If you intend to lose weight, you can place the order 4 or 2 months before, but we can wait and start the execution of the product shortly before the event. It is important that we, as the workshop team, have a work schedule set in advance so that we can work on your dress a week or two before the event. And of course, if we decide that you want the dress ready 2 weeks before the event, we will take your new measurements one week and one day before the event. You can choose when you want us to start working on your dress!

Pregnant at the time of the event

The advance term for placing order is 4 months in advance for wedding dresses and 2 months minimum, for occasion dresses. Being pregnant means that your body will change in centimeters every day. From our experience of over 14 years, working with pregnant womens, the happiest solution is to take measurements one week and one day before the event. Finishing the dress at the beginning of the week of the event. This way we will not have any unpleasant surprises as a result of the change in your body shape. We have experienced finishing dresses 2 weeks before the event, with unexpected body transformation, and we have decided 1 week is the safest term. We can take action shortly before the event, but we need to have the order placed 4 or 2 months before the event, in order to organize our work schedule in advance, so that we can work on your dress the week before the event, with the entire atelier teamwork.

Living in another country, but having the wedding in Romania.

If you like our style, and you have decided on a dress, Nicole can assist you by videocall on taking the measurements by yourself. We can have your dress ready 90% to try on shortly before you reach the country for your wedding event. We can try the dress in the morning, and you can go home with your dress on the same day. You don’t need more than 2 visits during the same day to pick up you dress! And don’t forget your shoes! After 14 years’ experience we can make this “wedding task” easy and beautiful.

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